Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality

Hunter Water supplies high quality drinking water to our customers. Drinking Water should be safe to use and aesthetically pleasing. It should be clear and colourless, with no unpalatable taste or odour, and it should contain no suspended matter, harmful chemical substances or pathogenic micro-organisms.

The drinking water we supply is regularly tested throughout the water supply system, and complies with the National Health and Medical Research Council Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines set out requirements for microbiological, physical and chemical requirements for drinking water. Guidelines and regulatory targets for key parameters are shown below.

Summary of Australian Drinking Water Guidelines – Key Water Quality Parameters



Guideline / Regulatory Target

Hunter Water Drinking

Water Average 2010-11

Physical Turbidity < 5NTU 0.4 NTU
pH 6.5 to 8.5 7.5
Colour < 15 HU 5.4 HU
Chemical Iron < 0.3 mg/L 0.021mg/l
Maganese < 0.1 mg/L 0.003mg/l
Aluminium < 0.2 mg/L 0.046mg/l
Copper < 1mg/L 0.004mg/l
Lead < 0.01 mg/L 0.001mg/l
Zinc < 3mg/L 0.003mg/l
Fluoride < 1.5 mg/L 0.98mg/l
Chlorine < 5mg/L 0.3mg/l
Trihalomethanes (Disinfection by-product) < 0.25 mg/L 0.072mg/l
Microbiogical E.coli > 98% of routine samples should contain zeroE.coli 99.4%

Hunter Water publishes a monthly summary of drinking water quality results for key parameters on our Water Quality web page.