Backflow prevention

Backflow prevention refers to the control of potentially harmful contaminants entering into our drinking water supply from cross connections in a customer’s premises or backflow of contaminants into the water supply system.

Requirements and responsibilities

Backflow prevention devices are required under our Site Containment Backflow Prevention Standard, Australian Standards AS/NZS 2845: Water Supply – Backflow Prevention and AS/NZS 3500: Plumbing and Drainage for any property or operations that pose a risk to the public drinking water supply.

The risk assessment process

All properties connected to our water supply system are required to be risk assessed and have an applicable site containment backflow prevention device installed. The risk assessment should address the requirements of our Site Containment Backflow Prevention Standard to determine if the property is a high, medium or low hazard risk to the drinking water supply.

If the property operations are outside the scope of the Standard contact our Technical Services team.


Frequently asked questions

Learn more about hazard ratings, required devices, and a customer's right to appeal the rating.

Lodge a backflow test report

If you are an accredited backflow compliance plumber, you can submit device certification using our online system.

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