Cooling towers

Cooling tower water is usually dosed continuously with anti-corrosion chemicals and biocides while the system is operating.

Cooling tower water is usually dumped at about three monthly intervals but sometimes as frequently as monthly. There's also a small continuous bleed-off to prevent the concentration of scaling materials. The discharge flow rate when draining the cooling tower basin should be reduced as much as is practical.

Our requirements

  1. Wastewater containing contaminants
    For contaminants which exceed our Wastewater Acceptance Standards, appropriate pre-treatment is to be installed prior to discharge to sewer. Pre-treatment may include pH correction, metal precipitation (e.g. Cr, Zn) and suspended solids removal.
  2. Wastewater from descaling operations
    Treatment to remove gross solids via a silt arrestor sized relative to the discharge volume is required. Further pre-treatment may be required prior to discharge to sewer.


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