Approved products and manufacturers

We require all components used in the water and sewer networks to be approved products. Hunter Water has adopted the WSAA appraised products in conjunction with Hunter Water Specifications and Design Code as of July 2021 for all civil works. Please see the below registers along with the WSAA appraised products list .

Approved products and manufacturers register

Protective coating systems

Protective surface coatings shall comply with WSA 201 - 2020 Manual for Selection and Application of Protective Coatings which is available for purchase from WSAA. Sydney Water's Supplement to WSA 201 must be used in conjunction with WSA 201.

The protective coating system selected is to be suitable for the exposure classification type defined within WSA 201 - 2017 and the specific requirements of the project.

For our additional Protective Coating requirements on Wastewater Pumping Stations, please see Technical Addendum Number: HWC TA WWPS‐01 - Revision 1.