Construction water service connections and disconnections

A construction water service is an interim water supply for a development during the construction phase whilst the permanent water service is being designed and/or processed. All construction water services require formal approval from us, therefore prior submission of why the construction water service is required must be submitted.

Construction water services are limited to a 20mm water main drilling, 20mm property water service and a 20mm water meter, and must incorporate a 'high hazard' site containment backflow prevention device which is registered with Hunter Water.

A construction water service connection or disconnection application may be submitted by the property owner, or a person that has authority to act on behalf of the property owner (e.g. plumber, builder, managing agent).

What you need to know

If the property owner, builder or managing agent is to make the application to connect, it is your responsibility to ensure all applications have been submitted and inspections booked prior to any physical water connection works.


Connecting a construction water service

Follow our three step process to connect a construction water service.

Disconnecting from our water supply

Follow our three step process to disconnect a construction water service.

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