Sewer pumping systems

A sewer pumping system connection or disconnection application may be submitted by the property owner, or a person that has authority to act on behalf of the property owner (e.g. plumber, builder, managing agent).

Some properties within our area of operations are serviced by a sewer connection which requires sewerage pumping. Examples of these systems include:

What you need to know

If the property owner, builder or managing agent is to make the application to connect, it is your responsibility to ensure all applications have been submitted and inspections booked prior to any physical water connection works.


Connecting to a sewerage pumping system

Follow our three step process to connect a sewerage pumping system:

When is a hydraulic assessment required?

All sewerage pumping systems discharging to our sewerage system are required to have our approval prior to the commencement of works. We require designs of all sewerage pumping stations to be submitted for review and approval (minimum hydraulic assessment – technical review).

Disconnecting from a sewerage pumping system

Where a property’s sewer service has become redundant, or is not to be redeveloped and becomes disused, it can be disconnected from our sewer system. Disused sewer services are to be sealed off at the point of connection using approved materials in the accordance with AS/NZS3500.2 Plumbing and Drainage and our requirements.

Follow our three step process to disconnect a sewerage pumping system:

Sewer soffit requirements

The soffit is the highest point of the internal surface of a pipe. There are minimum measurements between the soffit of the sewer main and the spill level of the overflow relief gully (ORG).

Thirsty for more advice?

If you need more advice on sewer pumping systems, get your questions answered by contacting our Technical Services team.