Recycled water plumbing

We provide recycled water to a number of new growth areas within the Lower Hunter.

Currently, three Lower Hunter suburbs have dual water supplies, known as dual reticulation:

  • Gillieston Heights
  • Thornton North
  • Chisholm

Dual reticulation or 'third pipe' schemes deliver highly treated recycled water to residential areas through a separate purple/lilac pipe. This pipe supplies recycled water that is suitable for use in toilet flushing, garden irrigation, washing machines, car washing and surface cleaning only.

An application for a recycled water connection may be submitted by the property owner, or a person that has authority to act on behalf of the property owner (e.g. plumber, builder or managing agent).

What you need to know

If the property owner, builder or managing agent is to make the application to connect, it is your responsibility to ensure all applications have been submitted and inspections booked prior to any physical water connection works.


Connecting a recycled water service

Follow this three step process to connect a recycled water service.

Thirsty for more advice?

If you have any questions in regard to the inspection process for recycled water contact NSW Fair Trading.