Information for suppliers

Our suppliers have an important role to play in helping us achieve our vision and purpose.


All new tenders issued by Hunter Water are advertised on our online tendering system, Tenderlink.

Tenderlink allows registered suppliers and contractors to view and receive email updates of relevant tenders as they become available, as well as lodge tenders online, and request and download documentation.

What is our tender process?

  1. View our open tenders using our online system Tenderlink
  2. If you find a tender of interest to you, submit a tender submission on Tenderlink, addressing all requirements and conditions.
  3. All tenders submitted through Tenderlink will be evaluated. The timeframe for completion of the evaluation is located in the tender specification as each tender varies.
  4. Once the evaluation has been finalised, the Commercial Manager will contact the preferred tenderer/s.
  5. After the tender process is finalised and the contract is awarded, contract award will be published on Tenderlink notifying all tenderers of the outcome.


Hunter Water undertakes procurement in accordance with the following principles:

  • Value for money
  • Fair and open competition, safeguarding probity
  • Economic development, social outcomes and sustainable procurement practices
  • Innovation
  • Easy to do business

Need more information?

If you are currently doing or interested in doing business with Hunter Water, please see our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Standard

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and productive workplace. To support this commitment, we provide education programs aimed at the prevention, reduction and/or elimination of problems associated with the misuse or abuse of alcohol and other drugs which affect work performance, conduct and/or safety.

Safety, Health and Wellbeing Policy

We are committed to achieving and maintaining a positive safety, health and wellbeing culture where all of our people are valued. We aspire to be a workplace that prevents work related injuries and ill health caused by physical and psychosocial hazards. We strongly support a co-operative and inclusive work environment that promotes participation, collaboration, partnering, consultation and innovation.

Modern Slavery Statement 2019-20

modern slavery statement

We are taking positive action through a cross-functional approach in identifying, assessing and addressing modern slavery risk in our supply chain and our operations.

Our first Modern Slavery Statement details the actions we have undertaken in 2019-20, the actions we are progressing and our road map to ensure our efforts in combating modern slavery are effective.

Sustainable procurement

We are driving social responsibility through our purchasing power, establishing a commitment to sustainable procurement where we promote inclusion and diversity outcomes through our contractual relationships. The awarding of our grounds maintenance contract to Hunter Commercial Services, a disability enterprise, is a wonderful example of how we can achieve broader social outcomes.

safety matters

Ensuring the health and welfare for any persons undertaking work for Hunter Water is our focus. Our Supplier User Guide sets out the minimum Work Health and Safety obligations that suppliers need to follow.

Did you know?

We publish details of most contracts in excess of $150,000 on our website within 45 days of award. View our Contract Register