Your water meter

Your property's water meter is essential for us to accurately measure and charge for your water use.

Types of water meters

We offer three different types of water meters to suit the needs of all of our residential customers.

DB water meter

GVB water meter

RMC or ZEB water meter

Reading your water meter

Reading your water meter is the important first step that we take to calculate and issue your bill. Learn more about our process.

How we read your water meter

  1. Hunter Water engages contractors to read your water meter every four months.
  2. Our meter readers carry identification cards and wear high-visibility uniforms that are labelled Meter Reading Contractor.
  3. A bill is sent about 7-10 working days after this reading.
  4. If our meter readers can not read your water meter, we will leave an Unable to Read Water Meter Card in your letterbox. To ensure that we can read your meter and bill you correctly, please make it easy for our meter readers to access your meter. Learn more about how to make your meter accessible.
  5. Your water usage is calculated by deducting your last reading from your current reading. This is shown on the second page of your bill. Learn more about understanding your bill.
  6. Your water usage and other charges are calculated and your bill is sent to you. Learn more about your fees and charges.

Watch now: How to read your meter and check for water leaks

Meter testing

If you feel that your meter isn't recording accurately, learn more about what you can do to have your meter tested.

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