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Apply for a permit to fill a pool

Level 1 water restrictions now apply throughout the Lower Hunter.

During water restrictions, a permit from Hunter Water is required to fill a pool or spa over 10,000 litres capacity and an appropriate pool or spa cover* must be used.

This applies whether the pool is being filled by a pool or spa company, or by the property owner.

Learn more about what Level 1 water restrictions mean for pools and spas.

*An appropriate pool or spa cover is one that is endorsed by the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia or Smart Approved Watermark

Need to fill or refill a pool or spa after 1 October?

If you need to fill a newly installed pool or spa, or refill an existing one after 1 October you can apply now for a Smart Water Choices pool permit.

Complete this form if you are the property owner or a pool/spa installer acting on the owner'a behalf, and wish to apply for a permit to fill a new or renovated pool.

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