Protection of customer information

One of our main priorities when dealing with customers is the protection of their privacy and personal information.

In order to achieve this we have a customer identification process in place, which is supported by our Privacy Management Plan

Our customer identification process ensures all reasonable steps are taken to determine that we are only liaising with the account owner, so personal information about their account is only provided to them or to a person that they have authorised us to speak with on their behalf.

This is particularly important when the enquiry is related to financial information.

If you make an enquiry about an account and you are not the account owner, please be aware that the account owner will need to provide additional information to us before any account or financial information will be provided to you. This applies to both residential and commercial/business accounts.

Need to update your account information?

As a property owner or authorised representative, you may need to update your contact details, postal address or add an 'authority to act' on your behalf from time to time.

Bogus and unauthorised callers or representatives

We strive to protect the security of our customers, especially from unauthorised callers and impersonators visiting your home or business.