Apply for a Smart Water Choices permit to fill a pool

Smart Water Choices now apply.

Under Smart Water Choices leaving a hose running unattended is not permitted however we understand that this may be necessary when filling or refilling a large swimming pool or spa.

This applies whether the pool is being filled by a pool or spa company, or by the property owner.

As the pool or spa company, or property owner, you can apply for an exemption from ‘leaving a hose unattended’ by registering the address of the property and the date the pool/spa will be filled.

Hoses must be used under direct supervision or a timer may be used to prevent overfilling. Reduce evaporation in your pool by purchasing an appropriate pool or spa cover such as one that is endorsed by the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia or Smart Approved Watermark

Complete this form if you are the property owner or contracted pool or spa company and wish to apply for a permit to fill a new or renovated pool. We will keep your details on record, and our response email will be your record of your exemption lodgement.

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