Wyee Sewer Transfer Scheme

In 2021, we completed the $30 million Wyee Sewer Scheme, which provided over 400 properties with access to our sewer network, with the capacity for up to 2750 new homes in the future.

However, for a period of time, all wastewater was being transported from the Karagi Street pump station to the local wastewater treatment works via tank trucks.

To eliminate the need for the tanker trucks, we invested $17 million to construct the Wyee Sewer Transfer Scheme. This work included:

  • Constructing a 9.2 kilometre pipeline to connect the Karagi Street pump station to the Dora Creek Wastewater Treatment Works
  • Upgrading Karagi Street pump station
  • Building a new pump station at 32-34 Wyee Road.

We're pleased to advise that all major work on the Wyee Sewer Transfer Scheme is complete, with the system now operational.

Did you know?
To move the sewer flows within the Wyee Sewer Transfer Scheme, two large pumps were installed at both the Karagi Street and 32-34 Wyee Road pump station sites. The pumps have the capacity to transfer over 100 litres of sewage per second!

Are you a property owner or tenant in Wyee?

You may be eligible to apply to connect to the Wyee Sewer Scheme. View the following documents and pages for more information.

Thirsty for more information?

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