Renewable Energy Project

We’re investing more than $15 million to install renewable energy systems at treatment plants and pump stations across our network.

Our newly installed, behind-the-meter solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have already started generating electricity to power our facilities, reduce our impact on the environment and decrease our ongoing electricity costs.

This major investment in over six megawatts (MW) of renewable energy is a key step in helping us achieve our carbon reduction target to be net zero by 2035.

Electricity is one of our major expenses, accounting for up to 10% of our operating costs. Generating electricity from solar energy is one of a number of opportunities that can help reduce these costs and reduce carbon emissions.

This system will feed into Hunter Water’s own private high voltage network and help power a number of critical Hunter Water assets such as the Balickera Pump Station, Grahamstown Water Treatment Plant, George Schroder Pump Station and the Tomago Water Pump Station.

Our Renewable Energy Program is progressing well. Systems are now complete at Dungog Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW), Tanilba Bay WWTW, and Karuah WWTW, bringing our total operating capacity to 2.96MW.

Once commissioned in April 2024, the 3.1MW Balickera Park Solar Project, Hunter Water’s largest solar project to date, will bring our total installed renewable energy capacity to over 6MW. The output from this project will feed into Hunter Water’s private network and help power several critical Hunter Water assets.

The final contract has now been awarded to deliver solar at Shortland WWTW, North Lambton Reservoir and Dungog Water Treatment Plant. These works are the final projects to complete our investment in the Phase 1 Onsite Renewable Energy Program in December 2024 with a total of 6.5MW of installed capacity expected.

Work at Balickera Pump Station

The 3.1MW Balickera Park Solar Project has involved installing approximately 5,500 ground-mounted solar panels over three hectares of open space, adjacent to Balickera Pump Station. The solar panels are divided into two sections, with one either side of the Balickera Canal. Construction work is almost complete and due to be commissioned in April 2024.

Solar panels installed at Balickera Park Pump Station

Sustainable energy

A key initiative in our sustainability journey is to embrace a decarbonised future. To achieve action on climate change and maintain affordable services for our customers, we have set our carbon reduction target to be net zero by 2035.

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