Renewable Energy Project

We are installing behind-the-meter solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on a number of Hunter Water assets to generate electricity to be used to power our facilities, reduce our impact on the environment and decrease our ongoing electricity costs.

This major investment in renewable energy will take us one step closer to achieving our aspirational goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Fast Facts

Pilot project (2020)

  • Branxton WWTW - 99.7kW system

Stage 1 – Construction phase (2021)

  • Boulder Bay WWTW - 85kW system
  • Kurri Kurri WWTW - 300kW system
  • Morpeth WWTW - 600kW system
  • Raymond Terrace WWTW - 200kW system

Stage 2 – Procurement phase (2021-22)

  • Branxton WWTW (expansion) - 200kW system
  • Shortland WWTW - 800kW system
  • Cessnock WWTW - 100kW system


We are progressively delivering a number of behind-the-meter solar projects across a number of our sites. In 2020, a 99.7kW system was installed at Branxton Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW), made up of both roof and ground mounted solar panels. The Branxton WWTW solar project has now been commissioned and we are applying the learnings from this project to roll out future solar projects across our region’s assets.

Solar will be rolled out in a staged approach. Stage 1 is in the construction phase at our Boulder Bay, Kurri Kurri, Morpeth and Raymond Terrace WWTW sites. Collectively these sites will have up to 1.2MW of solar installed in 2021.

The second stage of the project is in the procurement phase with 1.2MW expected to be delivered in 2021/22 at Shortland, Branxton and Cessnock WWTW sites.

Planning for subsequent packages is underway.

Community benefits

The operational savings made by installing these systems will allow funds to be invested into other projects to support the sustainable growth of the region.

The solar photovoltaic (PV) systems will be installed on Hunter Water land, with a focus initially on waste water treatment facilities due to their size, land availability and minimal effect on the community. While the installation of the panels will change the visual amenity of the waste water treatment sites, they provide a positive energy solution for Hunter Water and their operations.

Solar panels installed at Branxton Wastewater Treatment Works

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