Single or duplex residential water connections and disconnections

A water service connection or disconnection application may be submitted by the property owner, or a person that has authority to act on behalf of the property owner (eg plumber, builder, managing agent).

What you need to know

If the property owner, builder or managing agent is to make the application to connect, it is your responsibility to ensure all applications have been submitted and inspections booked prior to any physical water connection works.


Converting a dual water service to a single

Water services are usually installed by developers on residential subdivisions when the lots are created and connected to the existing watermain. A lot can be serviced by either a single water service or a dual water service shared with the neighbouring lot.

Dual services are sufficient for a single residential dwelling, however when a lot has more than one dwelling (eg a dual occupancy or granny flat) there is increased demand and the dual service needs to be reconfigured to a single service to ensure it meets the increased water usage.

Developers can now engage a licensed plumber to install a new single water service for the development lot and adjust the existing dual water service for the neighbouring lot. This process will be detailed in the Notice of Requirements letter for the development.

Connecting a pre-laid water service

Follow our four step process to connect a pre-laid service.

Connecting a private water service

Follow our five step process to connect a private water service.

Disconnecting from our water supply

Follow our three step process to disconnect from our water supply.

Thirsty for more advice?

If you need more advice on single or duplex residential water connections and disconnections, get your questions answered by contacting our Technical Services team.