Our strategy

We are intentional in our approach, always striving to grow and improve.

After more than 125 years in providing water and wastewater services to the region, we want to continue doing our job with excellence and putting the customer and community at the heart of our decisions and future plans.

Our purpose

Enable the sustainable growth of the region, and the life our communities desire, with high quality, affordable services.

Our strategic priorities

Learn more about: Thought leader

Thought leader

To be a thought leader in developing a sustainable and resilient water and wastewater future.

Learn more about: Great services

Great services

Provide great services to our customers, consumers and communities.

Learn more about: Good development

Good development

Enabling good development for the region.

Learn more about: Digital Utility

Digital Utility

To realise the benefits of being a digital utility can provide.

Learn more about: Leading productivity

Leading productivity

Be efficient and productive in our operations to ensure our pricing remains affordable for our customers and long term sustainability.

Learn more about: Great employer

Great employer

Being a great employer by ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone who works with and for Hunter Water and the safety of our community.

Annual report

Our Annual Report outlines Hunter Water's activities and performance, covering highlights from the year.

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