Our strategy

Hunter Water is proud of the important and significant contribution we make to the health, wellbeing and prosperity of our region. Initially established in the 1880’s to protect public health for the City of Newcastle, we have grown to be the trusted provider of high quality water services for a population of over 630,000 across the Lower Hunter region.

Our vision

Water is life.

Our purpose

We are creating a sustainable water future for all.

Our Corporate Strategy Miromaliko Baato

Our Corporate Strategy builds on our strong track record to provide an ambitious blueprint to create a sustainable water future for all.

In Gathung language, Miromaliko Baato means saving water. This is the closest way we can express the term ‘water is life’ using one of the languages of the Traditional Custodians of the land in which we operate. The concept that water is life is paramount to First Nations peoples as it directly links to the value of water, and the history and teaching through generations around respect for the land and our water.

Annual report

Our Annual Report outlines Hunter Water's activities and performance, covering highlights from the year.