Water efficiency management plans - WEMPs

If dry conditions continue Level 2 water restrictions will come into force. The introduction of Level 2 water restrictions will require all business owners to review their water usage and identify actions that can be implemented to improve your business' water efficiency. The water efficiency management actions identified by you will then need to be incorporated into your business' Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP).

The development and implementation of WEMPs in businesses across the Hunter will play an important role in realising water savings across our community.

Businesses proactive in reducing their water usage will find they are also likely to save money on usage charges and energy costs.

We have already contacted our major and large business customers who use more than 10ML of water per annum to advise them of fulfilling their WEMP requirements under level 1 restrictions. The WEMP form below is to be used by small to medium businesses using under 10ML of water per annum, such as cafes, restaurants, offices, hairdressers and salons, landscapers, nurseries and schools.

What is a WEMP?

A water efficiency management plan (WEMP) commits to actions identified by you that can be implemented to improve your business' water efficiency. Should Level 2 water restrictions be introduced, all business owners will be required to have a WEMP registered with us.

How to register your business' WEMP

To develop your business' WEMP ready for implementation when Level 2 water restrictions apply, complete our WEMP registration form and commit to implementing water saving measures at your business.