Water efficiency management plans - WEMPs

Hunter Water’s Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP) program assists identified customers using >10ML of water per annum to establish water efficiency programs to reduce water consumption. The program supports water conservation goals under the Lower Hunter Water Security Plan and since its inception in 2019 has delivered to our region 1.5GL in water savings (equivalent to the annual water usage of 8250 residential homes).


  • identifies how water is used in a business
  • locates problem areas where water is being wasted
  • suggests initiatives to minimise water wastage
  • identifies any opportunities for alternate supply.

The final WEMP document is a comprehensive report including a timeline of actions, cost analysis and payback period for each initiative.

The development and implementation of WEMPs in businesses across the Hunter will play an important role in realising water savings across our community.

Businesses proactive in reducing their water usage will find they are also likely to save money on usage charges and energy costs.

Are you a smaller business? The WEMP form below can be used by small to medium businesses using under 10ML of water per annum, such as cafes, restaurants, offices, hairdressers and salons, landscapers, nurseries and schools.

How to register your business' WEMP

Complete our WEMP registration form and commit to implementing water saving measures at your business.