Wastewater Treatment Works

Wastewater from households, commercial premises, schools, hospitals and industry enter a network of designated pipes that lead to a wastewater treatment facility.

Wastewater and COVID-19

There is no evidence that COVID-19 has been transmitted to people via wastewater. COVID-19 is susceptible to our current treatment processes. Sewage also contains detergents and other substances that inactivate (kill) the virus before it reaches the treatment plant.

As part of our day-to-day operations, we have stringent hygiene and safety measures in place across our treatment plants. Our workers continue to employ best practices for protecting water quality and their occupational health, including the use of personal protective equipment.

The NSW Health COVID-19 Sewage Surveillance Research Program tests untreated sewage for fragments of the COVID-19 virus to provide data to support NSW Health's response to the pandemic.

We operate a number of Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) at: