Keeping stormwater clean

Our community can play its part to prevent rubbish, sediment, leaves and chemicals entering the stormwater system.

Keeping our stormwater clean helps to keep our creeks and waterways healthy.

Some ways the community can help include:

  • Disposing of rubbish appropriately and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Washing cars on the grass instead of hard surfaces so detergents wash into the soil rather than the stormwater drains.
  • Sweeping leaves, dirt and rubbish away from gutters.
  • Ensuring gardens have good borders so soil doesn’t wash away.
  • Putting grass clippings in the compost bin or on the garden so they do not enter the stormwater drains.
  • Picking up your animals droppings and disposing of them appropriately in the bin.
  • Returning shopping trolleys to the appropriate store to ensure they do not get thrown in the stormwater channels.
  • If you see an abandoned shopping trolley, you can report it with the details collated on this website.
  • Disposing of chemicals, pesticides, paints and oils using your local council's Household Chemical Clean Out. Contact your local council for information about these services.

Keeping our stormwater channels clear

Stray trolleys in our stormwater channels cause major problems like blocking drains, increasing flood risks, and being an eyesore.

We’re working with retailers and councils to keep trolleys out of our waterways, but everyone has a role to play. You can help by returning trolleys to the shop or allocated trolley bay. If you see abandoned trolleys, you can report them online.

Throsby Creek Government Agencies Committee

We are working together to further improve the environment of the Throsby Creek waterway and its surrounds and the amenity of the area for residents, visitors and commercial users.