Check your downpipes

During periods of wet weather and in instances where large volumes of stormwater may enter the wastewater network, sewer overflows can result.

An incorrect connection of your stormwater pipework to the wastewater system can increase the chance of a sewage overflow on your property or elsewhere in the network during heavy rain, impacting private property and the environment.

Its important that all of our community make an effort to prevent stormwater from entering the wastewater network where possible.

How can you prevent stormwater entering the wastewater system?

If you have a sewer manhole located on your property, it is best to make sure that this is clear of obstructions and accessible at all times.

It is also important that you take care when planting trees over or around your internal sewer pipework as tree roots may cause cracking and allow groundwater to infiltrate.

Ensure that you don’t connect your stormwater downpipes to your internal sewer pipework or overflow gully, repair any broken pipes on your property immediately, and that your internal sewer and stormwater pipework are maintained and are in good condition.