Sewer blockages

Problems in the sewerage system generally occur within the pipes, stopping the flow of sewage away from your home.

If you are experiencing problems with your sewer system such as gurgling noises, sinks and toilets are slow to drain or effluent is overflowing from your internal floor wastes (in your bathroom/toilet or laundry area) or from your external gully, please follow the steps below and then contact us if required.

Real Estate agent or tenant?

If you are a Real Estate agent or a tenant and you have a sewer blockage please follow our step guide below to help you understand an issue at your property.

1. Check your sewer shaft

This is a pipe that leads to the sewer main. It should be flush to the ground and the lid is approximately the size of a bread and butter plate. This will be located in either your front or back yard usually at the lowest point of the block.

2. Check if the sewer shaft is overflowing

You may need to unscrew or lift the lid of the shaft to check. If you feel any pressure when you are trying to unscrew or remove the lid, stop immediately. If your shaft is full or overflowing please contact us.

3. If it's clear, you may need a plumber

If the sewer shaft is clear and your internal drains are still blocked or slow to drain, it may be likely that there is a blockage within your privately owned internal house drainage system.

You may require the assistance of a licensed plumber to attend and clear the blockage at your own expense.

If you are the home owner and currently are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact us.

4. unsure if it's clear?

If you are unsure if the sewer shaft is clear and water is getting away into the Hunter Water pipes, you may wish to pour a bucket of water down the inspection shaft. If the water does not clear, there may be an issue with the Hunter Water system. If the water does flow away, it may be likely that there is a blockage within your internal system as mentioned above.

A bucket of water being tipped out

5. It may be a blockage in our pipes

If the blockage is suspected to be within our wastewater system, your licensed plumber should contact, or ask you to contact us. We will then attend to carry out the appropriate work.

Still not sure?

If you are unsure at any time after doing these checks, please contact us for support.

Frequently asked questions

Have you experienced damage to your property?

We strive to do our best to minimise the impact of property damage for our customers. On occasion there may be a water main break or sewer overflow that is not foreseeable and unfortunately may cause property damage. Read our helpful fact sheet to learn what to do in this instance.