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Recycled water at Cameron Park


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Project overview

One of the locations we’re investigating where recycled water could be used in the future is at Pasterfield Sports Complex on Horizon Avenue in Cameron Park.

It is likely that in the future recycled water will be increasingly used to irrigate playing fields because:

  • it conserves valuable drinking water by matching alternative water sources with appropriate end uses
  • the community increasingly expects Hunter Water to improve our region’s water resilience and sustainability.

Using recycled water will help ensure playing fields are watered and able to be used year-round, even if there's a future drought. During a drought, water restrictions would mean that drinking water may not be available to use on sporting fields.

Being able to play sport on green grass, and have flourishing public gardens and other green public spaces is important for the wellbeing of our community.

When would recycled water be introduced at Cameron Park?

We are in the project development stage so we would not anticipate introducing recycled water for irrigation at Cameron Park until late next year (2023). During this stage we will be discussing the plan with local residents, businesses, sporting groups, and people who use the Sports Complex. It’s important for us to understand if the community has any questions or concerns about recycled water.


Early 2022

Seeking community questions and comments

If you use Pasterfield Sports Complex, or live or work nearby, please ask us any questions you have about recycled water


Review feedback from community

We’ll answer questions and consider any feedback we receive for the design from people who use the Sports Complex, or live or work nearby


Working with sporting groups

Workshops with sporting groups who use the Sports Complex will be held to understand their needs, design the irrigation system and provide training

Late 2023

Works begin

Install new irrigation system and pipework.

Early 2024

Project complete

Begin using recycled water.

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