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Planning for our water future



Finished 2022

Learn more about: Water Resilience Team
Water Resilience Team
Planning for our water future

Project overview

We are planning now to ensure our region has a secure and adaptable water system, now and for future generations.

The Lower Hunter Water Security Plan is a whole-of-government approach to ensuring the region has a resilient and sustainable water future that contributes to regional health and prosperity and is supported by the community.

Water is essential for communities across the Lower Hunter to flourish. It nurtures our natural environment, keeps our households and businesses running, contributes to green and cool spaces in our cities and towns and keeps our industries operating and our regional economies thriving. Water is deeply entwined with the spiritual, cultural, social and economic wellbeing of Aboriginal communities across the Lower Hunter region.

Between 2019 and 2021 we talked to our community and customers about their values and preferences for our water future, have looked at the data on our changing climate and the expected growth in the region, and we have analysed a range of demand and supply options to reduce the amount of drinking water we use and to supplement our water supplies. We also learnt from our experiences through drought about what we need to do to make sure we are prepared in the future.

The LHWSP outlines a diverse program of actions that will ensure we have a sustainable and resilient water supply to support the health and prosperity of our region, no matter the weather. The Plan will increase our resilience by reducing our demand for potable water, increasing recycling of water, investing in new sources of water such as desalination and an inter-regional connection with the Upper Hunter, and being better prepared for future droughts.

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Learn more about: Water Resilience Team
Water Resilience Team

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