Stormwater amenity improvements

Hunter Water is enhancing the amenity of sections of our open stormwater channels to enrich the natural environment, create revitalised spaces for the community to enjoy, and reconnect the community with their local waterways.

We have carried out works on the channel banks and landscaping along our stormwater channels at:

  • Winding Creek in Wilkinson Park, Cardiff
  • Throsby Creek in Litchfield Park, Mayfield
  • Dark Creek in Heaton Park, Jesmond
  • Bellbird Creek in Manning Park, Cessnock

Murals have also been installed along the stormwater channel between Macquarie Road and Harrison Street, Cardiff.

We have plans for a mural to be installed along the stormwater channel at Throsby Creek in Litchfield Park, Mayfield.

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Review of environmental factors

These three project sites have been assessed in accordance with the environmental impact assessment requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

The following Review of Environmental Factors (REF) describe the proposed works, assess the potential construction and operation environmental impacts, and identify our safeguards to mitigate any identified impacts.

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