Merewether water tank demolition and communications tower

Hunter Water is planning to demolish the ageing water tank off Hickson Street, Merewether and construct a new communications tower in its place over the coming months.

Water tank demolition

We’re planning to demolish the circa 1955 water tank on Hunter Water owned land off Hickson Street, Merewether, at the entrance to Hickson Street Lookout. This work is part of a project to reduce ongoing maintenance requirements, operational safety and improve reliability of water supply to our customers.

Thanks to the recent operational changes we've made within the water network, the tank is now redundant and can be decommissioned without impacting current water pressure or supply to our customers.

Communications tower

Once the tank is demolished, we will construct a new communications tower in its place. The existing radio antennas and communication dish installed on the tank will be relocated to the new tower to ensure continued operation. This equipment provides communications coverage essential for monitoring and controlling our water and wastewater networks.

The tower consists of a 23-metre tall concrete pole plus head-frame arrangement to mount the antennas. The tower will be constructed on the same footprint as the existing tank. The design is based on extensive investigations, including consideration of site constraints and constructability. It also considers feedback we received from adjoining landholders during our consultation.

So we can continue communications coverage while the tank is being demolished and the permanent tower constructed, a temporary timber pole will be installed on site to mount the existing communications equipment. This pole will be removed when work finishes.

The tower height will allow for a new 30cm diameter communication dish to be installed to improve communications for Burwood Beach Wastewater Treatment Works. This work would be completed as part of a separate project.

View the environmental assessment and design documents placed on public exhibition

Project timeline

  1. Early 2022: Demolition of water tank
  2. Early to mid 2022: Construction of tower
  3. Mid-2022: Construction complete

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