Medowie 10 Wastewater Pump Station Upgrade

We’re upgrading the Medowie 10 Wastewater Pump Station located at 36B Ferodale Road, Medowie to improve its reliability and performance.


Location: 36B Ferodale Road, Medowie

Project duration: May 2024 – Late 2024


This project aims to reduce impacts to the environment by reducing overflows and provide capacity to meet the needs of this growing region.

Our contractor, Service Stream, will be carrying out this work which will include upgrading and replacing some internal components of the pump station as well as installing new equipment, such as a 25 metre communications antennae, which will help us monitor activity and flow remotely and respond to faults more efficiently.

The upgrade will also require taking the existing pump station offline for about 12 weeks. A temporary bypass pump and pipeline will be used to keep the sewer network running, and this may also generate some noise during construction.

This project is part of Hunter Water’s program to replace and upgrade water and wastewater-related assets across the region. Hunter Water looks forward to continually improving the infrastructure that delivers quality outcomes for both the community and the environment in which we live.

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