Dungog Wastewater Treatment Works Upgrade

A $28 million upgrade of the Dungog Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) has commenced.

The upgrade is a significant investment in the Dungog area and will enable future population growth and have positive impacts on the environment.

Fast Facts

Location: Alison Road, Dungog

Project Duration: September 2019 - March 2021

Investment Value: $28 million


The Dungog WWTW was commissioned in 1938 and we acquired the plant in 2008 from the Dungog Council.

Community benefits

The new Dungog WWTW will use the modern technology and innovative design to replace the ageing 1930 system, enabling improved reuse of recycled water and effluent, and improved water quality. We are also working with our recycled water customer to get maximum benefit while reduce water releases to the Williams River.

We are building the new wastewater treatment works at the existing Hunter Water site on Alison Road, and are planning for a new wastewater pumping station on Windeyer Street Dungog. A new rising main pipeline connecting the pumping station and the treatment works, is also being planned.

All efforts will be made to minimise the disturbance to the local community, however there may be some changes to traffic and some increase in noise in the local area. All impacted community members will be advised before work starts.

Our lead contractor for this project is John Holland.

Project timeline

  1. August 2019: Work started on construction of the new WWTW
  2. September 2019: Site investigation and concept design for a new pump station and rising main begun.
  3. Early 2020: Decision on pump station and rising main design and location
  4. Mid 2020: New pump station and rising main construction begins
  5. Early 2021: Completion of new WWTW, pump station and rising main.

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