Dungog Wastewater Treatment Works and Wastewater Pump Station Upgrade

The $28 million upgrade of the Dungog Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) was completed in early 2021. We are pleased to update that the $7 million upgrade to the nearby wastewater pumping station (WWPS) and connecting pipeline is also now complete. This means that Windeyer Street has reopened to the community.

The upgrade is a significant investment in the Dungog area and will enable future population growth and have positive impacts on the environment.

Fast Facts

Location: Alison Road, Dungog

Investment Value: $28 million

Fast Facts

Dungog WWPS

Location: Windeyer Street, Dungog

Investment Value: $7 million


The Dungog WWTW was commissioned in 1938 and we acquired the plant in 2008 from the Dungog Council.

Community benefits

The new Dungog WWTW uses modern technology and innovative design to enable improved reuse of recycled water and effluent, and improved water quality. We are continuing to work with our recycled water customer to get maximum benefit while reducing water releases to the Williams River.

The new wastewater pumping station on Windeyer Street provides increased pumping capacity to the WWTW, via the new rising main, and includes allowance for future population growth. The pumping station also provides an increase in emergency storage to reduce the potential for overflows.

We will be further improving visual amenity with the inclusion of a mural on the WWPS which is being designed in collaboration with local schools and Council.

Our lead contractor for this project was John Holland Group.

Project timeline

  1. August 2019: Work started on construction of the new WWTW
  2. Early 2021: Completion of new WWTW and decision on pump station and rising main design and location
  3. June 2021: New pump station and rising main construction begins
  4. September 2022: Completion of new pump station and rising main.
  5. Late 2022: installation of art mural on WWPS

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