Young Water Warriors

Young Water Warriors is an exciting presentation, which has been developed to engage students at preschools and day-cares in the Lower Hunter region. This is a fee-free incursion, specifically targeted at students between the ages of 3-6 years.

During the session, students learn all about the natural water cycle, what to flush/what not to flush and consider practices to help conserve water each day. Students will also take part in a hands-on experiment, which will demonstrate what should and should not be flushed and make a rain cloud in a jar science experiment.

We have a maximum group size of 25-30 students per 30-minute session. If your centre has a large cohort, please book in for a 'double-session', which will cover two 30-minute sessions on the same day.

Bookings are currently closed for this program.

Young Water Warriors will re-open at the end of June 2024.

We appreciate your patience during this period of program closure.

Young water warriors