Our approach to community engagement

Our goal is to establish a continuing conversation that will enable us to become a valued partner in delivering the aspirations of our region.

Now more than ever, it is vital we listen and learn from our customers and community to build long lasting and trusting relationships and partnerships.

Through a defined and meaningful engagement program we will provide ongoing opportunities for community participation in our decision-making, enable our customers to understand our challenges and become advocates for water conservation. Our 'always on' approach means that every interaction we have is an opportunity to listen, learn and respond.

Customer, Consumer and Community Consultation Procedure

We consult with our customers and community in a number of ways and for a range of purposes, from the development of strategic and investment plans, willingness to pay for service levels through to the design, development and delivery of specific projects and programs. These activities help to guide our day to day operations, longer term strategies and investment decisions.

Our Customer, Consumer and Community Consultation Procedure describes our regular, meaningful, unbiased and representative consultation with our customers and community.

have your say

Our dedicated engagement platform enables our community to be involved in projects and programs at a time that suits them through surveys, polls, forum discussions and interactive mapping tools.

Learning to Love Water

Our Love Water conservation campaign allows us to seek deeper engagement with our community about the value and scarcity of water to drive behavioural change at scale.