Services connection and disconnection application

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  • water and sewer connections and disconnections
  • water main drilling
  • pre-laid services drilling (minor works)
  • water meter installation
  • recycled water connections
  • recycled water meter installation

You can select multiple application types when completing this form.

Depending on the type of development your application may not be processed if a hydraulic design has not been submitted.

Before you complete this form

It is important that you firstly engage a licensed plumber before you submit this application. We will be unable to process this application if you do not provide the relevant licensed plumber details.

Thirsty for advice?

If you need more advice on how to complete a technical services application, get your questions answered by contacting our Technical Services team.

Processing timeframes

Due to a high volume of applications being received, we're currently experiencing delays in processing. Current processing time may take up to five business days.

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You need to submit a hydraulic assessment prior to completing this form for all or units (3 or more), commercial or industrial premise types.

Complete a hydraulic assessment application


Application type

Water and sewer connection


Sewer connection

Water connection

Water main drilling

Allow a minimum of 48 hours notice when booking the drilling date (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Recycled water connection

Water and sewer disconnection

Sewer disconnection

Water disconnection


Manually enter the meter number and reading or upload a photo/s.

The meter/s will need to be returned to Newcastle Customer Centre.

Pre-laid services drilling (minor works)

Allow a minimum of 48 hours notice when booking the drilling (excluding weekends and public holidays).

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Plumbing contractor 1

Plumbing contractor 2

Application payment

We are currently developing an online payment facility for some applications. In the meantime, a member of our team will contact you shortly after reviewing your application to process your payment over the phone. 


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