Device registration and testing

Backflow prevention devices are an essential component in the protection of a drinking water supply as they prevent potential contaminants from being introduced into the drinking water supply system for our area.

We manage site containment backflow prevention devices only. Zone and individual backflow prevention devices installed within a development are the responsibility of the property owner.

Device location

Site containment backflow prevention devices are required to be located immediately downstream of the property's water meter. Devices should not be buried in the ground, or installed in a pit or chamber. Device installation must comply with Australian Standards requirements.

Device installation

You must install the applicable backflow prevention device to comply with Australian Standard AS2845: Water Supply - Backflow Prevention Devices requirements. An accredited backflow tester is required to commission and certify the device within seven days of installation, and submit the details to us.

Device testing

The device must be tested after initial installation and on an annual basis by an accredited backflow prevention device tester and registered with us. Backflow devices have internal seals, springs and moving parts that are subject to failing, wear or fatigue.

Lodge a backflow test report

If you are an accredited backflow compliance plumber, you can submit device certification using our online system.

Device registration

All testable site containment backflow prevention devices must be registered with us as being operational and compliant with the requirements of AS2845:Water Supply - Backflow Prevention Devices. To register a site Containment backflow prevention device you must be accredited backflow tester with us.

How do I become an accredited backflow tester?

  1. Be a current licensed plumbing contractor with Building Commission NSW.
  2. Email us your TAFE or RTO backflow accreditation certificate.
  3. Hold current and adequate levels of workers compensation and public liability.


Thirsty for more advice?

If you need more advice on backflow prevention devices, installation, testing or accreditation, get your questions answered by contacting our Technical Services Team.