Review of Environmental Factors

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) will be required for any water or sewer construction works external to the development site, or where onsite construction activities may have environmental impacts that have not been addressed in the consent authorities assessment of the proposed development.

Examples where a REF may be required can include the construction of new or upgrades of water and sewer pump stations, sewer vents, trunk mains, reservoirs, development in a Wastewater Treatment Plant buffer zone, or development in a water reserve.

A REF considers the likely impacts the works may have on the environment and the local community. Methods for preventing or reducing adverse environmental impacts are assessed and where appropriate, incorporated into the project design.

A REF needs to be prepared in accordance with our Review of Environmental Factors REF Guidance Notes. A REF assessment fee needs to be paid when the REF is submitted for review and approval.

Information to support you

View our REF guidance notes and minor works template for more information.