Routine works (Minor or Major)

Depending on the type of Development you are completing, you may be required to complete Routine Works (Minor or Major) in order to satisfy our requirements.

Routine works may range from the insertion of a sewer junction or a water service through to the internal reticulation mains for a subdivision. While Routine Minor Works may be completed by a licensed Plumber, Routine Major Works must be completed by an Accredited Constructor. All design works must be completed by an Accredited Design Consultant.

You will be advised of the type of works and the assets required for your development in your requirements letter. A step by step process is detailed below however all of our Accredited Design Consultants can help in the processing of these works.


What is the Routine Works process?

  1. Receive requirements letter
    You will be advised of the type of assets required for your development (Routine Minor, Routing Major or Complex) in your development assessment requirements letter. Hunter Water processing times are approximately 30 days, however can take up to 60 days.
  2. Execute routine works deed
    After you receive your requirement letter, a Routine Works Deed will need to be executed by the developer and Hunter Water. The deed should be signed by the owner and submitted to Hunter Water at for execution.
  3. Engage an accredited design consultant
    You will need to engage an accredited design consultant to prepare a routine works design. Please refer to our list of Accredited Design Consultants to select a suitable party to complete the design and finalisation submission process.
  4. Complete an REF
    Depending on the location and scope of works required, your Design Consultant may need to submit a Review of Environmental Factors (REF).

    A Permit To Enter may be required to access neighbouring properties for the completion of the works.
  5. Designer submits the design
    The accredited design consultant is required to submit the completed design submission to Hunter Water at . Only once this design is submitted, can works on site commence. Hunter Water may choose to audit the design at any stage from submission through to the end of the Defects Liability Period (DLP) which lasts for a period of 12 months as detailed within the Routine Works Deed.
  6. Engage an accredited construction contractor
    You will need to engage a suitable contractor to complete the works. For Minor Works, a licensed plumber may complete the works and this will be detailed within your requirements letter, however for Major Works, an Accredited Construction Contractor will be required.
  7. Construct the works
    Your selected constructor completes the works in accordance with the submitted design and the associated REF (if required). Works must commence within 12 months of the design being submitted. Hunter Water may choose to complete a field inspection at any time. During the works, your designer will inspect the works to ensure compliance and provide evidence of the status and quality of works.

    A Minor Works Drilling may be required for the works along with any associated connection or disconnection applications. These applications must be completed to allow the development(s) to have meters installed at later dates.
  8. Finalise the works
    The accredited design consultant submits 'Work As Constructed' data to Hunter Water for review to . Once Hunter Water is satisfied that all works are complete and the evidence is sufficient, we will issue endorsement of the works. Upon endorsement of the works, the Defects Liability Period (DLP) begins for a period of 12 months to ensure that the assets are working as required.
  9. Submit all other documentation and pay the Developer Charge
    Your requirements letter will detail all requirements that you need to complete. During the works process, submit all other documentation (DA Consent, subdivision plan, etc) via the Property Self Service Portal. You may also need to pay a Developer Charge depending on the type of development.

    Provided all conditions in the requirements letter have been met and outstanding fees are paid, Hunter Water issues the Section 50 Compliance certificate, and the asset-creation process is complete.