Recycled Water Development Servicing Plans

Recycling water is a great way to make the most of our water supply. Here you can read about our Development Servicing Plans (DSPs) for recycled water, and learn some strategies you can put in place to reuse this precious resource.

Contributions by developers are required for recycled water schemes, out of sequence development, and infrastructure in advance of Hunter Water's current Forward Capital Works Program. Each recycled water distribution system is linked to a recycled water treatment plant.

Farley South

Farley Headworks - Water Treatment Plant

The extent of the recycled water schemes have been modified since the generation of the Development Servicing Plans, and the Chisholm recycled water scheme is now fully allocated. Please refer to the following plans which replace the plans in the DSP:

System Capacity

Capacity within Hunter Water's water and sewer systems will only be available once all conditions outlined in the Notice of Formal Requirements are completed within 12 months of its date of issue.

Since July 2005, all new homes in the Lower Hunter region must meet the NSW Government’s Building and Sustainability Index (BASIX) requirements for water and energy savings. One way to help meet the water savings requirement is to install a rainwater tank. Or you can use an alternative water supply, like recycled water.

Recycling water in homes is an innovative and environmentally conscious way to value water as a precious resource. It can be used for toilet flushing and outdoor use such as watering lawns and gardens. Find out more about recycled water services here.