Building over pipes and easements

There are many conditions to building over our assets. Find out just what these are and the applications you'll need to submit to have your construction plans reviewed.

Information about the zone of influence

If you are planning to build a house or structure that will be located over or adjacent to (within the zone of influence) of one of our assets, you will need to lodge a build over asset application.

The zone of influence is the area above and beside an asset where loads may have an impact on that asset. Generally this will be 1.5 metres either side of the main. We will need to review your plans and assess your application to be able to advise you of any relevant conditions or restrictions on the building application.

Did you know

If your development is over or within 1.5m from the centre of a manhole/maintenance structure or within a Hunter Water Easement, you will not be able to construct or develop.

Are you planning on building an additional residence or a development?

If you are planning to build an additional residence or a development (such as a duplex or granny flat) you will need to lodge a Development Assessment Application via our Developer Self Service Portal.

Ready to lodge a build over assets application?

You can lodge your build over assets application via our Property Self Service Portal. If you haven't submitted an application previously, you will need to register your details.

Frequently Asked Questions