Access to Hunter Water land

Hunter Water owns land across the Lower Hunter region to help supply water and wastewater services to our customers.

The majority of the land we own has critical assets above and below the ground and we require unrestricted access to it 24/7. What appears to be vacant land may contain pipeline and infrastructure. We also own parcels of land where there are strict controls and limited or no access is permitted to the general public to ensure protection of critical assets, sensitive ecosystems or water quality.

Approval is required to access our land, and applications are assessed on a case by case basis. We review each application, considering the nature and location of the request and how it will impact other use of the land.

A licence fee may be applicable and will be advised as part of the application review process. Payment of the applicable licence fee will be due on receipt of an invoice from Hunter Water.

Process for requesting access to Hunter Water land

  1. Complete the Request to Access Hunter Water Land form
  2. We review your application. Please note this may take up to four weeks to ensure all stakeholders are given the opportunity to provide feedback.
  3. If approved you will be required to enter into a non-exclusive licence agreement with Hunter Water.
  4. Pay the applicable licence fee.

Thirsty for more advice?

If you need more advice submitting your land access application or would like an estimate of the applicable licence fee, contact our team.