No Water

If there appears to be no water supply at your property, you should firstly check whether the problem is related only to you:

  1. Make sure the isolated tap is turned on. The isolation tap is part of the framework that your meter is sited on (usually, the meter is found in your front yard).
  2. Talk to your neighbours to see if they still have water.

If you have checked these things and believe that the water supply has been interrupted, contact us.

Possible Reasons for No Water at Your Property

Unplanned Water Supply Interruptions

At Hunter Water, despite our best intentions there are very occasionally problems that mean there are unplanned interruptions to your water supply service, such as when a water main breaks.

If this happens, we will minimise the inconvenience to you by:

  • Restoring the service as quickly as possible.
  • Providing as much information as practicable on the 24 hour emergency telephone service number - 1300 657 000. The telephone service will advise you how long the interruption is likely to last, based on the best information available at the time.
  • Providing access to emergency supplies of water where reasonably practicable and necessary, having regard to the particular circumstances. 

Planned Water Supply Interruptions

At times we may need to arrange planned interruptions to your water supply services to allow for planned or regular maintenance of our water system.

We will, however, inform you in writing of the expected time and duration of any planned interruption, at least two days in advance if you are a residential customer, and seven days in advance if you are a non-residential customer (unless you agree to another notice period).

We will use our best endeavours to ensure the planned interruption is no longer than 5 hours in one continuous period.

If you are a haemodialysis patient  you should follow the training provided by your dialysis centre.

If you are a business heavily dependant on a continuous supply of water, you may need to consider contingency arrangements if the water supply is interrupted.