Boulder Bay


Originally built in 1994, the Boulder Bay Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) is an ocean outfall plant which serves the communities of:

  • Nelson Bay
  • Shoal Bay
  • Dutchmans Bay
  • Corlette
  • Fishermans Bay
  • Boat Harbour
  • Anna Bay
  • Salamander Bay

It currently treats nine megalitres per day and can handle wastewater from a population equivalent to 45,000 people.

Plant Operation

The Boulder Bay WWTW provides secondary treatment of the wastewater by the following process:

  • inlet works including fine screening and grit removal
  • two aeration activated sludge (MLE) reactors
  • two secondary clarifier
  • sludge handling and treatment facilities (two gravity drainage decks and two belt press filters)
  • an ocean outfall.

The Boulder Bay WWTW is designed to provide a high level of treatment.


The Boulder Bay WWTW upgrade will meet the needs of our existing and future customers. Construction is expected to be complete by mid 2011.

The upgrade will ensure that the plant has the capacity to treat wastewater to a standard that assures the environment remains protected and the quality of local waterways continues to be pristine.


Future Plans

Hunter Water will continue to focus on developing a long term sustainable strategy for the plant, and will increase plant capacity to approximately 72,000 people to provide for growth on the Tomaree Peninsula to 2028.

However, further investigations and consultation with the community and key stakeholders are required to develop the most appropriate strategy for the Stage 3 Upgrade.

This consultation process will consider the protection of the marine ecosystem, protection of public health, meeting community expectations in terms of reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the cost of providing wastewater treatment services to customer in the lower Hunter.