Renewable Energy Project



Onsite Renewable Energy Solar Project

We are exploring options to install solar power panels on our sites to reduce our impact on the environment and reduce our electricity bills.

This major investment in renewable energy will take us one step closer to achieving the aspirational goal of becoming a CO2 neutral by 2020.

About the project

We have 40 Hunter Water sites that may be suitable for solar panels. Before investing in solar panels for all these sites we are testing the technology with a pilot study at Branxton.

If the pilot project at Branxton is successful we will install solar panels at many of our other sites across the Lower Hunter.

If the pilot project at Branxton does not prove to be cost effective the rest of the project may not proceed or will be redesigned.

Savings made by the project will enable funds to be invested into other projects to support the sustainable growth of the region.

The Branxton pilot project will start in early 2020. The solar panels will be installed only on Hunter Water land. We will be talking to neighbours before the design is finalised to see if the solar panels will cause any concerns, so we can adjust the design if required.


Branxton Waste Water Treatment Works

Key Dates

January 2020 - Contract to construct PVC solar panel pilot project at Branxton WWTW issued

Mid 2020 - Assess the cost effectiveness of the Branxton pilot project. If it is found to be cost effective then the next stages of the project will be undertaken.

Mid 2020 - Identify other Hunter Water land that might be suitable for the PVC solar panels

Late 2020-2021 - Construction for PVC solar panels at sites across the lower Hunter region.

Work hours

Monday to Friday 7am-6pm

Saturdays 8am-1pm

Location Map

Location of the Branxton Wastewater Treatment Works.

Branxton WWTW


For more information

 If you would like more information or have any questions call Hunter Water during business hours on1300 657 657 (Monday to Friday 8am-5pm) or email       

For after hours emergencies please contact 1300 657 000.

Fast Facts

Project Location
Branxton, Cessnock City Council
Project Duration
Early 2020
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