Work Experience

Work experience at Hunter Water will provide students with hands on experience as well as teach them many valuable workplace skills. Students will be provided with exposure to an operational work environment while gaining guidance and feedback from a skilled supervisor in a work team.

Hunter Water will make every effort to facilitate work experience for interested students. However due to the changing demands on the organisation, we may not always be able to accommodate all applicants. More information can be found in our Fact Sheet for Students

Students who are interested in undertaking a work experience placement at Hunter Water are asked to submit an application to the Human Resources team two months prior to the requested time of placement.

A formal application includes:

  • A completed Work Experience application form
  • A current CV/resume
  • A current transcript
  • Proof of public liability coverage/insurance (this is the student's responsibility and can be obtained from the educational institution)
  • A copy of the student's identification (birth certificate/passport/drivers licence, etc.)
  • A copy of the student's Construction Induction card (White card) - this is mandatory for any student who will be working at any HWC Depot or Site. 

Helpful Information