Separate metering application - strata and community title

Complete this form if you are the Owners Corporation of a strata title development and wish to apply for separate (individual) metering.

If this development is staged, all stages must be completed before a separate metering application is submitted.

Are you eligible?

It's important you have read and understand eligibility requirements before submitting a strata or community title separate metering application.

Owners Corporation contact details

Property details


Documentation requirements

The following documentation must be included with this application:

 A certified copy of the minutes of the validly held meeting where the resolution was passed to enter into the agreement with Hunter Water which confirms: “The individual metering arrangements proposal based on the Hunter Water Agreement is approved” or similar wording.

A plan drawn to scale by a certified professional of the internal water service layout up to and including the location of each lot/unit’s individual water meter assembly.

A copy of the current Owners Corporation roll including details of each lot/unit owner and their mailing address.

A copy of the registered Hunter Water by-laws.



Select the check box below to indicate all of the following criteria has been met prior to submitting this application.

  • The internal water service and meter assemblies have been installed by a plumber who is licensed by the NSW Department of Fair Trading.
  • All work on the internal water service and meter assemblies comply with the Plumbing Code of Australia and AS/NZS 3500.
  • Lot and unit number identification has been either affixed above each meter assembly or attached to the meter assembly in accordance with the design criteria. If the design criteria is not met it may be deemed non-compliant and fees may apply.
  • The meter assemblies are installed in an accessible location (not behind fences, enclosed areas or confined spaces) for routine reading and maintenance of meters in accordance with the design criteria.
  • Meters and assemblies are above ground and no higher than 1.5 metres.
  • The overall opening dimension on meter assemblies matches the standard length of an approved spacer for either a 20mm or 25mm meter, depending on the service requirements of the property.
  • All buildings within the Strata development have been constructed and ready for occupation.

Application payment

We are currently developing an online payment facility for some applications. In the meantime, a member of our team will contact you shortly after reviewing your application to process your payment over the phone. 

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