Applying for separate metering - single title multi dwelling properties

To assist our customers in light of recent changes in residential tenancy legislation, we have updated the requirements regarding separate metering for single title properties with multiple dwellings.

These requirements are applicable where a single title multi dwelling property has four or less separate dwellings on a single lot which are not strata or community titled.

Important note: single title multi dwelling properties with separate metering only receive one bill, however, usage for each individual meter will be itemised on the bill. Before progressing your application you should confirm that this billing arrangement meets your requirements.

Important note for dual occupancy properties: under our price determination single title dual occupancy properties (e.g. duplex, house with granny flat) with one meter are treated as a stand alone house for billing purposes. Where a single title dual occupancy has multiple meters, the property is treated as two flats/units for billing purposes - the impact of this change is an approximate $700 increase in fixed service charges for the property per annum. There are no billing impacts for properties with three or more dwellings.

Are you looking for information about strata or community titled properties?

If your property is strata or community titled, please read our helpful guidelines, fact sheets and our requirements for submitting an application for either a strata or community title scheme.

What you need to know first

A plumber pointing to an overflow gulley outside

Engage a licenced plumber

All plumbing work must comply with Australian Standards and be completed by a professional. It is required that you engage a licenced plumber to perform this technical work. This cost is at the owners expense.

Multi level developments are not eligible

At this time multi-level unit developments are excluded as we do not yet have a technical solution such as Automated Meter Reading (AMR) available to overcome the access issues.


Meter frames must be accessible and at the front of the property

The location of meters is in an unfettered and unencumbered location, this means they must be visible and accessible at all times so they can be read and maintained.

What you need to do

  1. Know our requirements

    Specifically for plumbers, please read our separate metering requirements to ensure you understand what is required to be completed prior to submitting an application for single title multi dwelling properties. It's important that the property water service and metering configuration is compliant with our requirements.
  2. Understand the development type

    Developments will fall into two main types; a new development or retrofitting an existing development (this requires reconfiguration of existing water pipework to allow for separate metering). It is important to understand the development type as this will determine what application is required.
  3. Submit application

    Depending on the development type, a Technical Assessment application or a Hydraulic Design Assessment application will be required. See below for a breakdown of each development type and what application is required

Development type

Do you have more than four separate dwellings on a single lot?

Properties with more than four separate dwellings on a single lot need to be strata titled and satisfy the requirements of our Individual Metering of Strata and Community Title Developments Guideline before separate metering can be implemented.

Properties with more than four separate dwellings where strata title is not implemented will utilise only one Hunter Water water meter and one bill will be issued for the property.

Thirsty for more advice?

If you need more advice on water meters and separate metering, get your questions answered by contacting our team.