Additional metering requirements for single title multi dwelling properties

Specific plumbing requirements must be met prior to submitting an application for single title multi dwelling properties.

All pipe work and fittings must met our requirements, comply with Australian Standards and be Watermark certified.

Important note: single title multi dwelling properties with separate metering only receive one bill, however, usage for each individual meter will be itemised on the bill. Before progressing your application you should confirm that this billing arrangement meets your requirements.

Important note for dual occupancy properties: under our price determination single title dual occupancy properties (e.g. duplex, house with granny flat) with one meter are treated as a stand alone house for billing purposes. Where a single title dual occupancy has multiple meters, the property is treated as two flats/units for billing purposes - the impact of this change is an approximate $700 increase in fixed service charges for the property per annum. There are no billing impacts for properties with three or more dwellings.

Additional metering application

You can now submit your additional metering assessment application via our Property Self Service Portal.


We allow a manifold water supply/metering configuration for multiple occupancy properties (maximum of four) on a single lot which are not strata titled. The manifold is configured on a single water supply servicing the property and must comply with our requirements listed below.

What is a manifold?

A manifold is a water piping configuration where separate lines are taken off the property water service to supply individual metered water supplies to each occupancy. The manifold is located within 1 metre inside the property boundaries with the above ground individual water meter frames located immediately adjacent.

Property water service and metering configuration requirements

  1. The property water service (water main to meter frame) is to be sized to satisfy the demand of the development. We will not be accountable for low pressure or low flow.
  2. The property water service shall incorporate a manifold where the water service for each occupancy is taken off the main line inside the property boundary (within 1 metre).
  3. The manifold is to be designed/installed so that the water meter frames are a minimum 200mm apart to allow for meter installation, replacement and maintenance.
  4. Each water meter assembly must be within 1 metre inside the property boundary facing the water main.
  5. Each water meter assembly must be fitted at right angles to the water main, in line with the connection point.
  6. Each water meter assembly must incorporate a brass engraved tag securely fixed to each water meter frame which nominates the dwelling to which it supplies.
  7. Each water meter assembly must be fully supported and have ground clearance between 150mm – 250mm for the standard metering configurations (low and medium hazard backflow rating).
  8. Water meter assembly pipe risers must not be encased in concrete.
  9. Water meters must be readily accessible for reading, maintenance and replacement.

Are you looking for information about strata or community titled properties?

If your property is strata or community titled, please read our helpful guidelines, fact sheets and our requirements for submitting an application for either a strata or community title scheme.

Thirsty for more advice?

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