Trade waste applications and deeds

A trade waste deed nominates the terms and conditions under which trade wastewater discharge will be accepted to our sewerage system. Whilst the trade waste deed is a formal arrangement between the property owner and us, you (the plumber) play an important role in the process – especially ensuring that the required applications have been submitted to us prior to the installation and operation of trade waste pre-treatment facilities.

How to apply for a trade waste deed

If the development does not already incorporate an approved trade waste pre-treatment facility for onsite operations, a technical assessment application needs to be submitted to us for recognition of the proposed trade waste pre-treatment facility installation to comply with our requirements. Learn more about the hydraulic design assessment process.

The application process

  1. Initial enquiry
    The property owner is required to submit details of new facilities or upgrades to existing facilities so we can determine the load of contaminants being discharged to the sewerage system and whether it meets our requirements. Contact our team and we will review your request.
  2. Submit a Hydraulic Assessment application
    Installation of a new, or changes to existing trade waste facilities requires the submission of a hydraulic assessment application. You will need to include a site plan, pre-treatment facility location/type/size, plumbing fixtures connected to the pre-treatment facility, connection to sanitary drainage system, venting etc. Learn more about the hydraulic design assessment process.
  3. Submit a Trade Wastewater Deed application
    You will need to include a completed Trade Wastewater Deed application form which nominates the property details, property owner details, number and type of pre-treatment facilities onsite.


Pre-treatment facility requirements

Pre-treatment facilities may include grease arrestors, oil separators, cooling pits, lint traps and dilution pits. We recognise grease arrestors sized 1,000 litres minimum and 5,000 litres maximum.

Thirsty for more advice?

If you need more advice on trade waste water, deeds or compliance audits, get your questions answered by contacting our team.