Building Plan Stamping

Building plan stamping process

We have an online system available for submitting a number of building services applications, which makes doing business with us easier and faster for you.

What do you need?

If you are planning on building and/or developing your property you will need to submit your full set of plans (including a site plan) for approval to ensure there is no impact on our assets. If it is determined that you are building within the zone of influence of any of our assets, you will be required to submit a Build Over Assets Application together with a set of plans. However, if there is no impact to our assets, your site plan will be electronically stamped and returned to you within 3 business days ready for you to take to your local council.

Plans submitted for any development other than a stand-alone dwelling (e.g. a granny flat, duplex or commercial building) will require a Development Assessment Application to be submitted together with a full set of plans for further assessment.

It's my first time applying

If you are a new user, you can submit your plan stamping, build over sewer or development application online, all through our online application portal.

We have made registration for the Developer Self Service portal as simple and easy as possible. It should only take you a minute to complete.

I am already registered

If you would like to submit your plan stamping, build over sewer or development application online, and already have your sign-in details, you can use our online application portal by clicking below.

If you require support on how to manage your account, please see our frequently asked questions.