Water and sewer design manuals

Previously, our network assets were designed in accordance with our Water and Sewer Design Manual. We are progressively replacing sections of our internal guidelines with integrated editions of the Water Services Associated of Australia (WSAA) design guidelines.

When designing assets it is the designer's responsibility to collaborate with us to ensure requirements of adopted design standards are suitable for each particular application.

Adopted WSAA design manuals

We adopt our editions of the following two WSAA standards:

  • WSA 02 - Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia - Version 2.1
  • WSA 03 - Water Supply Code of Australia - Version 2.1

These standards are available through WSAA's online shop. Further information on our adoption of WSA 02 and WSA 03 can be found on our WSAA codes publication page.

Water and Sewer Design Manual

The following sections of our Water and Sewer Design Manual are currently in use:

Note 1: Section 4 of Water and Sewer Design Manual is to be read in conjunction with the following technical addendum WWPS Technical Addendum - September 2016

Note 2: Section 7 Reservoir Design of the Water and Sewer Design Manual was repealed in April 2021 and has been replaced by STS 409 Potable Water Reservoirs

Guidelines on asset operation and maintenance costs

We have repealed the Operating and Maintenance Cost Estimation Guideline.

This document provided general advice on costs associated with various water and sewer assets and also documented assumptions on projected electricity rates charged by us.

It was primarily used to compare the cost impact of different servicing options. A replacement document is currently in development.