What is a Section 50 certificate?

When you develop or subdivide land, often you will need a Section 50 compliance certificate to confirm that we can supply you with access to our water and sewer network.

Typical developments requiring a Section 50 certificate

Dual Occupancy

This includes granny flats, secondary dwellings and duplexes, units.

Multiple Residential

This includes unit development, retirement villages and townhouses.

Subdivision of land

This includes Torrens, Strata, Stratum and Community Title subdivisions and/or boundary adjustments.

New commercial/industrial buildings

Development types include factories, commercial offices, retail space, schools and mixed use developments.

Alterations or additions to existing commercial/industrial buildings or sites

This includes any alterations or additions (including demolition) of an industrial/commercial building where the floor space or building footprint will be changed.

Change of use or fitout of industrial/commercial buildings

A change of use from one business to another (eg. an estate agent changing to a laundromat) or internal fitout of an empty building (eg. restaurant fit out).

What you need to know

A Section 50 Certificate confirms you’ve met our requirements so we can adequately service your new development or subdivision. Your local council/private certifier will often have this as a requirement of their consent and will not give you an occupancy/construction certificate for your development unless you have a Section 50 Compliance Certificate from us.

The processing time of your application will depend on various factors including its complexity, but generally this should be within 30 days. You should receive a requirements letter after receipt of your application, however less complex applications may be processed much faster.

See our current fees schedule for all development applications and fees.

Apply now for your Section 50 certificate

You can apply for a Section 50 Certificate online by completing a development assessment application.

What is a Section 50 certificate?

Watch our video to find out what a Section 50 certificate is, what types of developments require a Section 50 certificate and the different types of works involved.