First time developers

We've made it easier for first-time developers to obtain the certificates and approvals they'll need to get construction underway.

There are some simple steps you'll need to follow if you’re:

  • building a second dwelling or granny flat
  • building residential apartments/units
  • building a new commercial/industrial building
  • subdividing land or adjusting a boundary
  • making alterations to an existing commercial building
  • change of use or fitout to existing commercial/industrial development

What you need to do first

Our five step application process

  1. Get your plans stamped by us

    For any development your plans must be stamped by us before they are submitted to the council. Each proposed building or development is different and may require different conditions. Generally, anything other than a single stand alone dwelling will require a Section 50 compliance certificate.

    Once you have determined that you are going to need a section 50 certificate, Hunter Water will need to assess your proposed plans in order to determine what your specific requirements will be.

    You may also need approval for your development from your local authority. To find out what type of consent you need, visit your local council’s website. They may have conditions to meet before they give consent, which will depend on the type of authorisation you require.
  2. You submit a development application

    In order to complete our assessment, you will need to provide us with a full set of plans (this includes site, floor and elevation plans, as well as any landscaping or driveway plans you may have).

    Each proposed building or development is different and may require different conditions. These could be as simple as providing us with proof of your consent from council or it could mean that minor works are required to service your new dwelling. Our Development Services team will investigate.
  3. We assess your development

    This is how we ensure that your proposed development will not impact any of our assets and that our system has the capacity to service your development/subdivision. Our Development Services team will investigate and advise you of these requirements.

  4. We provide you with a Requirements letter

    Once we have assessed your proposed development, we will provide you (or your building company acting on your behalf) with a requirements letter detailing what you may need to do in order to obtain your Section 50 Compliance certificate from us.

    These requirements may range from a copy of your council consent, additional plans, works to be carried out in order to protect our infrastructure or a review of environmental factors.

    You can always call us on 1300 657 657 if you have any questions relating to your requirements and our team would be happy to assist you.
  5. You will receive a Section 50 compliance certificate

    Once you have satisfied all of the requirements, we will issue you with a compliance certificate (Section 50 certificate) which means you will be able to connect your new development.

Are you planning a large scale subdivision, development, redevelopment project or land rezoning?

Contact us and ask for the Development Planning and Relations team to support you through this process.