Developer Servicing Strategy

We operate an extensive network of pipelines, pump stations, reservoirs and treatment plants for providing water and wastewater services to the community.

´╗┐To allow for growth and the integration of these systems, we prepare regional water supply distribution and wastewater transportation strategies.

These strategies generally look from the broader regional perspective and identify major works required that form the backbone of the system.

Our regional strategies do not necessarily address servicing issues for specific development lands or pockets of unserviced lands that maybe of interest to developers/consultants.

Developers are required to investigate the optimal servicing arrangement for their particular site by undertaking a Developer Servicing Strategy.

The Developer Servicing Strategy determines the optimal configuration of water and sewer infrastructure for a particular development, taking into account all neighbouring developments that may reasonably connect.

When would I need to complete a Servicing Strategy?

Developer Servicing Strategies generally arise under the following circumstances:

  • Land remote from existing water and/or sewer network and/or where the most suitable point of connection needs to be investigated further.
  • Large developments with high water demand and/or sewer loadings that require new and/or augmented transportation systems, pumping stations and storages.
  • Land elevated above the existing supply limits where new water booster stations and/or local high-level storages are necessary.
  • Land within sub-catchments that require a new wastewater pump station to transport flows into an adjoining sewerage system.
  • Unserviced fringe areas where alternative sewerage systems may be available (pressure lines, gravity mains etc).

Infrastructure requirements for a development site are developed using WSAA codes publication (Hunter Water editions), and any other supplementary guidelines such as the pressure sewer planning and design and hydraulic guidelines.

The Developer Servicing Strategy Process:

  1. Requirements letter or Preliminary Servicing Advice
    We will advise you of the need to prepare a water and or sewer servicing strategy as part of our development assessment requirements letter or preliminary servicing advice response.

  2. Engage accredited design consultant
    You will need to engage an Accredited Design Consultant to prepare a Developer Servicing Strategy. Please refer to our list of Accredited Design Consultants to select a suitable party to assist you in preparing the strategy.

  3. Request strategy inception meeting
    Once you have selected an Accredited Design Consultant, you should request that they contact us to set up an inception meeting. At this meeting, we will discuss the scope of the strategy and boundary of assessment. This will provide the Accredited Design Consultant with the necessary guidance to begin preparing the strategy.

  4. Prepare Developer Servicing Strategy
    The Accredited Design Consultant should prepare the Developer Servicing Strategy using our Developer Servicing Strategy template. The strategy must adhere to minimum water and sewer design code requirements. Please contact us should you require access to cost estimating guidelines, or net present value templates for your strategy.

  5. Submit your Strategy for review
    If you have any questions or require any additional information please contact either our Development Services Account Managers or Development Services engineers to assist. Upon submitting the strategy, our team may request a meeting to discuss aspects of the strategy. Typically our team will require you to address some part of the strategy as part of this process. Once you have adequately addressed our comments, you can submit the final strategy.

  6. Submit your final Strategy
    If there are no further comments, we will issue a letter agreeing to the strategy, which will remain valid for 5 years, unless there is a change in the servicing requirements for the site that requires the strategy to be revisited..

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