Complex works

Complex works are more technically challenging assets, where Hunter Water wishes to focus more of its attention including water and sewer mains greater than 300mm in diameter, water and sewer pump stations, pressure sewer systems, works with electrical and mechanical components, stormwater, or those being assessed under the Funding of Growth (FOG) Infrastructure standard.

You will be advised of the type of works and the assets required for your development in your requirements letter.

What is the Complex Works process?

  1. Receive requirements letter
    You will be advised of the type of assets required for your development (complex or routine) in your development assessment requirements letter.
  2. Execute complex works deed
    After you receive your requirement letter, a complex works deed will need to be executed by the developer and Hunter Water.
  3. Engage an accredited design consultant
    You will need to engage an accredited design consultant to prepare a complex works design. Please refer to our list of Accredited Design Consultants to select a suitable party to complete the design review process.
  4. Request inception meeting
    Your accredited design consultant, should contact Hunter Water to arrange an inception meeting. At this meeting we will discuss the scope of the design, which will provide the design consultant with the necessary guidance to begin preparing the design.
  5. 15% design
    The accredited design consultant is required to submit the preliminary asset design report and detailed design and pay a design review fee. On completion of Hunter Water's design review we will discuss the outcomes with the design consultant including any non-conformances with the design standards, and to agree on the requirements to proceed to the 85% design review phase.
  6. 85% design
    The accredited design consultant is required to submit the completed design submission. Any final design issues will be discussed with the designer and closed out to finalise the design review process.
  7. 100% design
    The accredited design consultant is required to submit the final design submission and the Complex Works design submission checklist. Hunter Water will confirm the submission is complete and all fees have been paid before issuing authorisation to proceed to construction.
  8. Construction
    The accredited design consultant contacts Hunter Water's project officer to confirm the commencement of works. A suitable Accredited Construction Contractor can then be engaged to construct the Works as per the design and in accordance with the project plan. The accredited construction contractor captures 'Work As Constructed' data throughout the construction, before issuing a request to connect to Hunter Water’s networks. Once connection is permitted, the accredited construction contractor connects to the networks then tests and confirms functionality.
  9. Project finalisation
    Upon issue of the completion certificate and having received securities from the developer, ownership of the works transfers to Hunter Water, and the 24-month defects liability period commences. All required asset information is provided to Hunter Water as part of the transfer of ownership. The accredited construction contractor submits a request for Hunter Water to issue a Section 50 certificate. Provided all conditions in the requirements letter have been met, Hunter Water issues the certificate, and the asset-creation process is complete.